Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay so I am not a very dedicated blogger. I don't think anyone is really reading this anyway since I only have one follower. The pumpkin jeep is running great and I have been having a lot of fun driving it. There have been a few small unfortunate incidents as of late. The first occurred while I was on my way home from work. I was accelerating from a stop light heading right when I heard and saw, my front right hubcap rolling away. This is the second time this had happened. The first time it rolled up onto someones lawn and came to a stand still on their doorstep. This time I watched half in disappointment and half in amusement as it rolled right under the tire of a city bus:( Oh well. What place do hubcaps have on a 4x4 vehicle anyway right?

The second incident occurred on my way home from a family breakfast. Nothing major. I just blew a radiator hose. I made it home thankfully as my daughter was sound asleep in the back seat. I used the opportunity to finally replace the cooling hoses and thermostat. In other jeep related news. I recently purchased another jeep. This one is a 98 cherokee. I affectionately call the "white zombie". This jeep unbelievably runs and drives like new considering it has 696k miles on it! Quite possibly the highest mileage jeep in existence.